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How to treat your eyes and choosing your eye creams

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The skin around our eyes is delicate and needs to be treated with extra care. Follow our four simple steps to help you professionally apply your eye cream. 
  • Gently clean the eye area
  • Apply serum to eye area 1cm away from your eye
  • Using the same technique just above your eyelid
  • Use a gentle tapping action until the cream absorbs into the skin 

A pea-sized amount of eye cream is enough to cover the surface under both eyes. When it comes to eye treatments and creams, a little goes a long way. When purchasing an eye serum, the most crucial thing to look for is the ingredients, not the price. Look for hydration agents and avoid things that are drying like alcohol and chemicals. 

Measure the thickness of your moisturizer and eye serum, whichever is thickest, apply it on top, and the thinnest as the base. The eye area is the area that ages quickest in your twenties you should be taking care of them daily, it will profoundly slow down the aging the more consistent you are with taking care of them. 


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