Technology will aid our industry more than ever 2020+ – H&B

Technology will aid our industry more than ever 2020+





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The cosmetics industry is ever-evolving; we are set to have the most dynamic, exciting, and potentially game-changing innovations within the next decade. Did you know that it is predicted to be more innovative than any other industry?... Rejoice my beauts; there are many trends set to have a significant impact on how the relationship between consumers and brands will not only change the industry but revolutionize it like never before.

Combining tech with beauty is already here, right at your doorstep. How about the smartwatch warning you when you have had too much exposure to the sun?... Sounds good, it's already here. Augmented reality and Virtual reality will have a considerable influence on our industry in the short future. Tech will be the enabler, helping science to reverse balding, thinning hair, and keeping us all beautiful.

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